What’s In it For Me? or How Can I Serve Others?

When we are out connecting with others, at coffee shops, business networking events, or other social/business gatherings and we come across someone who we know will benefit us in some way, sometimes we may want to pounce on the opportunity to get to know them. The problem with this is the whole basis of the relationship is about ME: What is in it for me?
When we are looking to cultivate powerful connections, we need to ask, How Can I be of Value to them?

Here is a great article I came across, at least part of it: “Throughout the years, I become an expert at networking because I realized that givers are the ones that actually succeed in business. The one mistake almost everyone makes is that they are always asking themselves “what’s in it for me?” instead of “how can I serve others?” The mentality that comes with this shift in mindset will attract the right people into your life and make others want to help you. Of course, you will still get users but you can increase the percentage of people who will want to genuinely help you out and appreciate what you’ve done if you give to more people. This is why blogging and social networking can work if you are coming up with content that is useful, informative and solves people’s problems. They will naturally want to hire you, partner with you or buy your products because you’ve already helped them first.”

At the end of the day, you will get the most out of relationships when you ask yourself, “How Can I Serve Others?”

Article written by:Dan Schwabel


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