Motivation – What Motivates You?

I was talking with a friend and he had asked me what motivates me and to be honest, as much as I have my vision board written out with pictures, I still had to stop, think and ask myself that question. What really motivates me right now? I think this is a question we should continuously ask ourselves and see what’s the answer we come up with. Comment below and let me know what motivates you?

I would love to say, being financially free so I don’t have to work for anyone else motivates me, but honestly it is helping others and making a difference. I love to see other people going after their dreams and goals.

#‎Motivation‬. If you see what you want, set your goals and go after it!
Connecting in Atlanta 



How many of you are on a Work Conference call and can only think about having your own business? Here is a funny skit with how conference calls are at the J.O.B.

Have an amazing day!



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