Attract What You Expect!

A quote I always keep near my desk to remind me that when I am having a rough day to, “Attract what you expect, reflect what you desire, become what you respect, mirror what you admire.” By Anonymous.

What does that mean exactly? Lets break it down…..

Attract what you expect

Thoughts you focus on is what manifests in your life. So if you are focusing on positive situations, habits and life experiences, then you will not draw as much negative in your life. When we focus on the negative we attract more negative then anything else in our life.

Reflect what you desire

Be the person you want to attract in your life. Many times people are wanting to attract certain people and situations in their life, however, their habits, personality and who they are is not attracting that. Be what you desire to have!

Become what you respect

We all have had a mentor or someone we have looked up to in life. Anytime I see how people have become successful I study them, their books, their thought process, how they live their life and I desire to develop those traits, which will make me a better person and be able to give back like them. That is how you become what you respect.

Mirror what you admire

Take your habits, what you do on a daily basis, how you treat people and mirror that after people who are doing positive things and that you admire and look to be like.

Most of all, find great qualities in those you wish to have a life like, make it your own and ALWAYS BE YOU!




Jacqueline H. Waller
Connecting Atlanta


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