4 Ways To Create More Cash for Your Business


We have spoken about ways to create more cash flow for you personally, now that you have that together, what about for your business?

Found a great article in Inc.com Magazine.
Meeting payroll is a badge of honor among most business owners. You know that you are helping each of your employees, and their families, get by. To do this successfully, you need to understand how your business works. More specifically, you need to understand its cash flow cycle. Yes, revenue and profitability are important, but in the end it’s all about cash flow.

Understanding how to manage cash flow can help you run your business better, increase your availability of debt, and allow you to manage your business instead of having it manage you.

  1. Manage payables
  2. Manage receivables
  3. Turn inventory
  4. Consider real estate carefully

For a break down of all these please visit the article online athttp://www.inc.com/ed-powers/four-ways-to-create-more-cash-for-your-business.html


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