Top 10 Crowdfunding Sites For Fundraising



This is what Askchazzellis had to say about his experience with #CrowdFunding:

“The thing that I love the most about crowd funding is that it allows the people to have a chance to choose what they want while allowing the creator to connect with his or her fans. I got into crowd funding earlier this year and although it was stressful at times, I felt that it gave me much more control over my own destiny than waiting for a corporate person to take interest and fund my project. Crowd funding can be difficult because getting several people to be interested and want to support a project can be tough. You end up trying different things so that you can find out what works. I started my project expecting to get most of my money from#family members and they actually participated less than anyone. I realized that#fans and people that I have come in contact with in the business are more likely to understand my vision and want to be a part of it. Crowd funding is a great way to find your core audience and know who to direct you efforts towards. You also learn who your friends are in the industry and which relationships you really need to cultivate and which ones aren’t as important as you may have thought. Right now I am working on a campaign called Askchazzellis presents the Game Plan on and its starting slowly as the first one did but I am going to keep working it until the last day because that’s the other thing about crowd funding: you never know when people are going to show up for you.” (Please support the positive things he is doing in the dating world.

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I was doing some research on Crowdfunding and found this great article. Here is what I found:

Which begs the question… what crowdfunding site is best for you?

As a crowdfunding industry insider, I thought I’d give you an easy guide for which site to go to for your crowdfunding needs.

I’ll start with a tiny overview of the industry, a short primer on the different types of crowdfunding so you know what you’re looking for, and then I’ll get to specific recommendations for you.

The Crowdfunding Industry
Collaboration on the web is an area of exponential growth. Crowdfunding, or collaborative funding via the web, is one of the standouts for growth in this evolving collaborative economy.

The Crowdfunding Industry Report by Massolution put out data showing the overall crowdfunding industry has raised $2.7 billion in 2012, across more than 1 million individual campaigns globally. In 2013 the industry is projected to grow to $5.1 billion.

Some of the most interesting developments in crowdfunding, which are expected to grow in the months and years ahead, include: investment crowdfunding (becoming a shareholder in a company), localization (funding focused on participants in specific cities and neighborhoods), mobile solutions, and group-based approaches.

The JOBS Act that was passed in April of 2012 paved the way to investment crowdfunding, but the JOBS Act Rulings by the SEC have yet to be fully implemented to formally kick the market off. Expect big movement and activity in this area in 2013 and 2014.

Crowdfunding Models
There are 2 main models or types of crowdfunding. The first is what’s called donation-based funding. The birth of crowdfunding has come through this model, where funders donate via a collaborative goal based process in return for products, perks or rewards.

The second and more recent model is investment crowdfunding, where businesses seeking capital sell ownership stakes online in the form of equity or debt. In this model, individuals who fund become owners or shareholders and have a potential for financial return, unlike in the donation model.

Crowdfunding Sites To Choose From

Business owners are using different crowdfunding sites than musicians. Musicians are using different sites from causes and charities. Below is a list of crowdfunding sites that have different models and focuses. This list can help you find the right place for your crowdfunding goals and needs.

To see all 10 Crowdfunding Sites click here

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Chance Barnett


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