23 Corporate Culture Ideas for Entrepreneurs

David Cummings on Startups

Now that we have the 3 Must Read Culture Guides for Entrepreneurs, let’s summarize the most important ideas that every entrepreneur needs to know. Some are common sense, some don’t make sense until you’ve experienced it, and some fluctuate with time. Regardless, culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage for an entrepreneur and needs to nurtured and worked on just like anything else in a high performing startup.

Here are 23 corporate culture ideas for entrepreneurs:

  1. Culture is the collective of people
  2. Culture’s influence permeates outside the organization
  3. Culture is the only thing completely within the control of the entrepreneur
  4. Culture starts with the entrepreneur
  5. Culture must be intentional
  6. Culture is different for every startup
  7. Culture that works at one company isn’t guaranteed to work at another
  8. Culture must be defined and nourished
  9. Cultures can be completely different between two startups and still be effective for both
  10. Culture isn’t…

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