Relationships 2.0: The New Role of the Web in Offline Relationships


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Today, almost three-quarters of U.S. adults on the internet use social media. Take a moment to let that sink in. In just over a decade, social networks have sprung from nonexistence to the point where 74 percent of American adults with an internet connection have a social media profile. If three-quarters seems low to you, remember that this statistic is for adults on the internet; it includes grandmothers who use the internet solely to check email, but not their high school grandchildren who constantly Instagram their selfies.

However, for something so prevalent in our society, there is surprisingly little conclusive research on how social media affects our offline relationships. Yes, there have been articles proclaiming the downfall of personal relationships because of social media, but there have also been studies arguing that social networking leads to greater amounts of personal interaction.

So which is it? Unfortunately, I don’t have the definitive answer, and I doubt we’ll get it anytime soon. What I can say, though, is that I disagree with the notion that social media is negatively affects our personal relationships and the way we interact with people offline. Instead, I view social media as a supplement: an online way to enhance our offline relationships.

A common argument against social media is that we “like” and “retweet” instead of picking up the phone and calling. Sure, social media helps us keep in contact with our friend or family member who is thousands of miles away. But what if they’re right around the corner? This is where social media seems to get a bad rap and is blamed for hurting relationships.

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