Proper Attire when attending a Casual Business Connecting Event


Regardless if you believe everyone else will be in sandals and jeans, I have always been taught to dress one step ahead of your counter-parts. The reason is, because you don’t want to be caught with the wrong type of attire. Dressing well helps create an inner confidence which in turn gives you the go ahead and be the leader in the room, the one everyone is attracted too.

Here is a great article I found that provides great tips for both men and women: “Women: Sick of your skirt-and-blouse office routine? Use this opportunity to wear a flattering shift dress in a rich color. With a hem right around the knee and a minimal neckline, this is the perfect notice-me look. Closed-toed heels and a sleek tote will ensure you look professional. Bring a tailored jacket or cardigan with you in case you get cold, but wearing it is not a must.”

“Men: You know the rules: nice fit suit, power tie and polished shoes.” You can go with or without the jacket.
Reference pulled from: Marc Cenedella, from The Ladders

Jacqueline H. Waller
Connecting Atlanta


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