As I sit here on a Sunday Afternoon

As I sit here on a Sunday afternoon reflecting on my week and preparing for the week ahead, I wonder what successes will come out of it. Have you ever wondered if your business will be a success? What makes the entrepreneur different from everyone else? Is it the way we think, speak, the actions we take? There is a huge difference between the everyday person who goes to the 9 to 5 job and works it day in and day out even though they hate it and the person who risks everything to go after that pesky vision that won’t let them sleep at night. All of us dream of being financially free, being able to do what we want when we want. If that wasn’t the case then the Lottery wouldn’t be so popular. With the slimmest chances of winning the Lottery there are still thousands of people who still play it. No thank you, I don’t like risking my money like that, even if it is a $1 or $5, I would rather put the risk in my hands and my control and go out and start a business to obtain that freedom. I would much rather die trying than give up. You know you are different when that is all you can think about day in and day out and you would rather be dead then not go after your dreams. One thing I do wonder is why doesn’t everyone try it? Why stay in the status quo?

I believe the key differences between the crazy entrepreneur and the day to day worker bee is:


. . . Employees make money. Building wealth is the key to financial freedom, and the small shift in thinking toward ‘building wealth’ instead of just ‘making money’ can make a huge difference in your actions and the results you produce. Put and keep your focus on building wealth more than making money.


. . . Employees entertain themselves more than they educate themselves. In the school of experience, entrepreneurs choose what they want to learn about and they can ask any question they choose to without fear of being reprimanded or disciplined. Successful entrepreneurs ask themselves what they would really like to do with their lives, and then ask others the questions that give them the answers to how to be successful at their chosen field of interest.


. . . Employees know a lot about a little. If you want to remain an employee for the rest of your life then just stick to your job description and don’t worry about learning anything else. On the other hand, if you want to become an entrepreneur, then you must develop an interest in the big picture, and how things work together. It is wise to learn a little about a lot.

Source of the top three pulled from Mike Wronski Blog.

Professional Shot me

Jacqueline H. Waller is the Founder of , a company that specializes in connecting business owners to products and services that will help grow their business. She is a popular radio host with her own podcast, called, Connecting Atlanta Radio where she interviews successful business owners who are making a positive impact in their communities. Ms. Waller’s expertise was attained by working for 12 years in marketing, sales and human resources. Her expertise is in Social Networking, Marketing, Business Development, and Sales. If you need any type of business connection she is the number one Power Broker in Atlanta, you can contact her through


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