Don’t Let Excuses of Another Determine Your Future


At what point do you stop receiving other peoples excuses as ‪#‎Truth‬? In order for us to move forward in life we must have standards and boundaries. Don’t allow another persons excuses to put a hold on your destiny or future. At some point you must let them know you do not receive that, they can keep that and you are keeping it moving!
A person borrowed around $2k from me back in April for his business was supposed to pay me back $3k in a month! My fault I didn’t do my due diligence on the company, poor investment on my part. Since then I have received broken promise after broken promise! I found it is more exhausting listening to that then just moving forward in my walk with Christ! At the end of the day I recognize that they have to deal with God and I rely on Him to supply all my needs! That $2k in the big scheme of things will not make or break me! Nice to have back, ‪#‎YES‬!, does it determine my ‪#‎future‬ ‪#‎NO‬! I simply relayed he can keep the money or donate it to a charity, he has God to answer to and I am keeping it moving because my Savior has me! I feel much better being released from that bondage!
At the end of the day, ask ourselves where does our faith rely, on another man’s promises or on God’s promises? I put my trust in Him above! AMEN!

Jacqueline H. Waller is the Founder of Connecting Atlanta, a company that specializes in connecting business owners to products and services that will help grow their business. She is a popular radio host with her own podcast, called, Connecting Atlanta Radio where she interviews successful business owners who are making a positive impact in their communities. Ms. Waller’s expertise was attained by working for 12 years in marketing, sales and human resources. Her expertise is in Social Networking, Marketing, Business Development, and Sales. If you need any type of business connection she is the number one Power Broker in Atlanta, you can contact her through


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