What do you want to know about your connections?


Like many of us we attend numerous events, business, social, conferences, and networking or as I like to say, Business Connecting Events. When meeting the quality connections what type of information should you be collecting on your future partners, friends, business connects? Here is some great tips to remembering important information and ways to stay “connected” to your people.

  1. Contact’s name, address, telephone number, fax and email
  2. Company name and job title
  3. Place of the original meeting, venue or person
  4. If introduced, who introduced you?
  5. Notice of what transpired at the first meeting?
  6. If you agreed to meet back up, make a note of the arrangement for follow-up, add it to your calendar and send them an invite. This helps to reduce any confusion and works as a confirmation of the meeting.
  7. Any personal details – birthday/family/hobbies and interests
  8. Any personal information you know about their background with their company or any previous positions held
  9. Their and your aims and objectives, links and mutual acquaintances.
  10. Try and connect on LinkedIn that night or the next.

Take advantage of these and watch your relationships skyrocket.
Jacqueline H. Waller
Connecting Atlanta


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