How to Make Money With A Landing Page

I recently completed a 2 hour workshop with my co-star Aretha Langley one of the marketing geniuses in my circle of influence. Check out the workshop and get some ideas on making money with your landing page.

Landing pages/Lead Pages are a great simple way to advertise your company, various promotions and do A/B Testing.

1.Conversion Funnel Paths

Lead Pages

  • Directly impact your goals. For Example, if your business goal is to sell your product or service, landing pages can be crafted to specifically compliment that purpose.
  • Business goals include getting visitors to sign up, fill out information, press buttons like ‘subscribe’ and ‘share’, click-through to buy products and simply influence brand image.
    • Pay attention to the placement of Funnel Paths such as information seeking, product search/large images/videos below and a demo video

Check  out a couple of before and after images I found online of a company who had much success after they changed the look of their page. Notice the colors in the images.


VIral Loop Before


VIral Loop After

To review the complete workshop and receive the complete Powerpoint click here



Jacqueline H. Waller is the Founder of Connecting Atlanta, a company that specializes in connecting business owners to products and services that will help grow their business. She is a popular radio host with her own podcast, called, Connecting Atlanta Radio where she interviews successful business owners who are making a positive impact in their communities. Ms. Waller’s expertise was attained by working for 12 years in marketing, sales and human resources. Her expertise is in Social Networking, Marketing, Business Development, and Sales. If you need any type of business connection she is the number one Power Broker in Atlanta, you can contact her through


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