How To Eliminate Competition & Attract Your Perfect Customers and Clients FASTER and With GREATER Ease

Who are you?

Seriously. Who are you?

No, I’m not talking about who you are as in what’s your name?

I mean who are you to your perfect customers and clients?

The BIGGEST problem with most entrepreneurs is that they want to be EVERYTHING to EVERYONE and they don’t specialize.

Here’s a prime example…

An average physician income ranges from $239,000 in the Northeast to $258,000 in the Great Lakes area.

A brain surgeon makes $395,000 to $589,500. That’s an extra 6-Figures just from specializing. Does this make sense so far?

I read a Facebook post earlier today and a young lady was promoting her services and she offered everything and most of it wasn’t even related. It was kinda like a buffet.

I can guarantee that she’s not making as much money as she possibly can (if any at all), because she doesn’t specialize at anything so no one knows why to do business with her because she’s possibly just OK at all these different things.

Now most entrepreneurs are making this colossal mistake because they don’t want to “leave anyone out” so they market to everyone which simply means they are marketing to no one.

Great marketing attracts your ideal clients and repel those who are for you, so since that’s out of the way, let’s get into…

How To Eliminate Competition & Attract Your Perfect Customers and Clients FASTER and With GREATER Ease

Step#1: Decide on your specialty and get as specific as possible.


Step #2: Decide who is your ideal customer. What’s their name, how much money do they make, do they have kids, if so how many and the list goes on.

A lot of people struggle with this step, so my good friend Jacqueline Waller of Connecting Atlanta and I are hosting a FREE (yes I said FREE) workshop in Atlanta, Ga on February 13th to go deeper into this an much more, so click here to RSVP.

Step #3: What is their ONE BIG Problem and how can you solve that ONE BIG with your product or service?

Step #4: Create the Irresistible BAIT. This is also known as a lead magnet.

This is something that you can give away for FREE so that your ideal customer or client can raise their hand and say “YES I have that problem and I want to solve it!” CHING!!! CHING!!! J

This could be in the form of a video, audio, pdf etc.

We’ll be assisting you with creating this at the workshop so be sure to RSVP before.

Step #5: Launch Your Magnetic Marketing Strategy

Now this is a BIGGIE!

You have to know where your customers hang out, what media they like to consume information in and much more.

Also you want to have more than one tactic in your marketing arsenal.

A lot of marketers focus solely on Facebook for lead generation. Now Facebook is amazing, but what happens when Facebook starts tripping?

One of my mentors says that ONE is the worst number in business.

I could go on and on, but if you take action on this 5 simple steps I can GUARANTEE that you will Eliminate Competition & Attract Your Perfect Customers and Clients FASTER and With GREATER Ease.

Be sure to click here to RSVP for the FREE workshop on February 13th, because we’re going to take you by the hand and show you exactly… “How to Magnetically Attract an Endless Flood of Your Ideal Customers and Clients in 60 Days or Less”

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Marquel Russell is a Personal Branding, Rapid Business Growth Strategist, a life long entrepreneur and the Creator & Founder of Infinite Success University (the one stop shop coaching and training company for serious entrepreneurs who want to grow their business faster and easier). Marquel is internationally known for assisting entrepreneurs with attracting an endless flow of your ideal prospects, customers and clients in 30 days or less…GUARANTEED.



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