One of the things I stressed in our mastermind last year was getting your rest and having a life. I’m not talking about being at all the parties or making networking your outlet to get out the house. Yes, we all do‪#‎TeamNoSleep‬ or ‪#‎TeamEarlyRiser‬ but we must make sure we are working according to our clocks.

Some people do their best work late and others to their best work early, find out what works for you and make some adjustments. Too many people are bragging about ‘I gets no sleep or I sleep one or three hours daily’. It’s costing you in many ways. When you are tired and fighting to stay up, you are burning more energy. As you work from sun up to sun down, you are burning yourself out. I had to tell a close friend what people told me when I was complaining about how tired I was, ‘take your ass to bed.’ You’ll be amazed at what you can do after a good rest. You find that you don’t need coffee or energy drinks as much. Your mind is clearer and your focus is sharp. Get your rest! I don’t care if you are in bed at 8am or 4am, get you at least 6-8 hours.

In terms of your social life, sorry, business networking events are not happy hour to meet new people outside of business. Do things that you used to enjoy doing. Take yourself out to eat, catch a show or movie. Exercise, find some leisurely activities. Walk that damn dog that you have chained up outside. Go places and NOT stare at your phone or computer, meet and greet people. LIVE! You’ll find this is therapeutic as well.

You run the business, don’t let the business run you! ‪#‎ConnectATL‬

This article is brought to you by:

Dominique Huff

Dominique Huff is the Founder-President of the Tenth Amendment Media Group.  He has worked over 10 years in various retail and restaurant management environments, nearly a decade in newsroom management and served in a variety of capacities for various organizations for business and civic action.  Huff is celebrating 8 years of entrepreneurship and finds his passions lie within community and economic development through empowerment and consulting.


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