Leadership Vs. Micro-Management

As we are developing our companies we need to decide what type of influencing model within our organization. If we create a model where our employees are respected, treated as adults and develop them to be leaders then you will have a self-sustaining company and an organization of employees who care about your dreams success. If the organization is created from a management standpoint instead of developing leaders then the organization is as strong as the manager there is always leaning on and over them. The image we have attached I found on Google and believe it truly explains the differences.

As a business owner, how did you see your company thrive when you had managers who were strong leaders and others who were micro-managers?

As an employee, how did you see yourself and/or the company you worked for thrive when you had managers who were strong leaders and others who were micro-managers?

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Professional Shot me

Jacqueline H. Waller is the Founder of Connecting Atlanta, a company that specializes in connecting business owners to products and services that will help grow their business. She is a popular radio host with her own podcast, called, Connecting Atlanta Radio where she interviews successful business owners who are making a positive impact in their communities. Ms. Waller’s expertise was attained by working for 12 years in marketing, sales and human resources. Her expertise is in Social Networking, Marketing, Business Development, and Sales. If you need any type of business connection she is the number one Power Broker in Atlanta, you can contact her through www.connectingatlanta.net


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