5 ways to be more impressive in meetings

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It can be difficult to communicate clearly with team members in the office when you’re having a particularly rough morning, or if you work in an environment where you don’t feel supported. Here are five things getting in the way of your open dialogue and how to fix them.

Seek psychological safety

Stress from an old job can follow you, and if you don’t clear those old patterns, you’ll bring fear to every interaction.

Nat Dudley had to fight baggage from a toxic workplace that followed her once she was in a job she loved. In a recent Medium post, Dudley talked about her post-traumatic stress disorder from the experience, saying that “not everyone will be affected to that level,” but urges readers who think they might have it to seek medical help.

“Fast-forward a year, and there’ve been many more things that have surprised me about the lingering impacts of toxic workplaces. Like emerging from an abusive relationship, I discovered that I’d internalized many lessons on interacting and communicating that don’t apply in a healthy environment. Most of these were driven by fear: fear of being yelled at, fear of argument culture, fear of punishment if you’ve misunderstood or didn’t perfectly follow instructions, fear of social ostracism, fear of judgment for not knowing all the answers,” Dudley wrote.

To read the rest of the article, click here.


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